2013 Massillon, Ohio Car Show

It’s become an annual tradition at the Magicboltbox household to enjoy the annual Massillon Cruise-On-In and Dance Party, typically held the Saturday before Father’s Day.  This year, the whole family was able to join me, but, true to form, the Tempest wasn’t able to make the trip.  Here are some of my favorites from among the hundreds of cars shown:


I typically don’t like C3 Corvettes, but I did love the metallic green paint on this one.


I’m also not much of a ’57 Chevy guy, but I love almost anything with black paint and dog-dish hubcaps.  It also helps that this is a base model and not the over-the-top Bel Air.


Speaking of over-the-top, this Judge was in fantastic condition and I like the contrasting blue and yellow stripes over the Carousel Orange Red paint.


I don’t know if this ’72 is a real GSX, but it’s a looker either way.


I’m more a muscle car guy than a street rod guy, but this little roadster is perfectly understated and looks just right.


This Olds 88 was LOW and very, very clean.  I can get behind the idea of a lowrider if it still looks stock otherwise.


Even the interior was spotless.


This legit Meyers Manx was just adorable.  How can you not love a dune buggy?

Just look at that interior – who even needs sand?


A nice Limelight Green ‘Cuda.


And another, this one in (I think) Tor-Red.


I still like these turbo T-Birds, especially in blue with the contrasting red stripes.  There wasn’t a price listed, but I bet it wasn’t much.


This beautiful ’65 Riviera was probably my favorite car at the show.  I could do without the zoomie exhaust, but that’s just picking nits on something this gorgeous.


2nd-gen F-bodies are a love-’em or hate-’em proposition, but I loved this one.


Poor Fred isn’t looking so hot these days.


This truck was in nice driver condition, and the matching Indian motorcycle in the bed is a nice touch.


It’s a shame Novas are worth so much money these days.  This one was sporting a big block.


Speaking of Novas, this earlier ’67 was looking pretty spiffy in black with a small block.


I couldn’t help myself.  This GN was definitely a driver, with some touch-up needed here and there.  I was sufficiently jealous.

Man, I’ve got to be better about taking pictures of non-GM stuff!  You like what you like, I guess.


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