As Seen on Craigslist – 1973 Dodge Charger “Tribute”

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I think I’d rather have a Mazda Tribute.  In 1969, Dodge created a high-winged, droop-nosed version of the Charger called the Daytona, meant to compete on high-banked NASCAR tracks (Plymouth created the similar Superbird at the same time).  They were required to sell them to the public to meet NASCAR’s homologation rules, but they were not good street cars – the massive engines were hard to keep in tune, the nose and flush rear window were poorly constructed, and the wing was gaudy and made trunk access awkward.  Actually, that description doesn’t sound too far off from this car!  It doesn’t have the big wing, but it does have the goofy-looking nose, a poorly-modified tail panel, and a ridiculous – pardon me, “outrageous” – paint scheme.  The later “fuselage” Chargers are not nearly as desirable as the earlier cars, and $4800 doesn’t sound too bad until you realize all the work you would have to undertake to undo this monstrosity.  And you’d still be left with a ’73 Charger with a wimpy 318.

73 Charger Tribute


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