As Seen on Craigslist – 1960 Wooden Willys Jeep

As Seen On TV Logo copy

Wait, what?  I’m certainly not a woodworker, but I have to imagine that the asking price is severely undercutting the amount of man-hours involved in this thing.  While it is certainly awe-inspiring, I have to think whatever meager horsepower the original F4 engine makes is hard-pressed to move the equivalent of an entire neighborhood’s cabinetry, not to mention the discomfort brought on by the all-wood seating (as a coworker pointed out upon viewing this rolling sculpture, the least the builder could have done was craft some of those beaded seat covers that cab drivers use).  And let’s be honest – what’s with skimping on the white wheels?  Why not make those out of wood too, like a Conestoga wagon?

I’m being a little harsh here, because this really is pretty amazing, something beyond the abilities of 99% of the human population.  But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – and it certainly doesn’t mean you can sell it.

60 willys


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