As Seen on Craiglist – 1963 Pontiac Catalina Convertible

As Seen On TV Logo copy

It’s clear that I’m a sucker for any crusty old Pontiac, so it should be no surprise that this particular ad caught my eye.  It had me at “Pontiac” and “convertible,” but the “4 speed” note is what really pushed this over the edge.  Never mind that the rear end is particularly hideous, the carpet is an unholy shade of greenish brown while the rest of the interior is blue (and in remarkably good shape for a convertible), and that the top is surely both inoperable and in multiple pieces – I could look past those flaws easily, thanks to the aforementioned stick shift.  What is particularly frightening is the side angle shot, which might as well be captioned “Here be Dragons;” there lurks more rust and Bondo in those lumpy rockers and misaligned door than you could shake a $2000 body shop bill at.  All that said, for $3500, if it runs and drives, it would make a heck of a summer cruiser once you ironed out some of the more obvious flaws over the winter.

1963 catalina


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