As Seen on Craigslist – 1967 Plymouth Valiant

As Seen On TV Logo copy

At the risk of turning this blog into all Mopar A-bodies, all the time, I present yet another Chrysler frugality machine, this time in just the right shade of gold.  It’s a two-door, but still a sensible post car (wouldn’t want the luxury of a pillar-less hardtop on this economy-mobile), and looks straight as a pin.  The up-rated rally wheels are a nice touch, although I would of course prefer steelies with dog dishes.  The icing on this stodgy slice of cake is the presence of the leaning tower of power under the hood.  While a V8 might be a lot more powerful (and possibly downright scary given the light weight and probable drum brakes here), this car just screams out for slant 6 reliability.  Assuming no rust, this is a good bit of car for the money, and that engine will still be running long after you squander the next three summers gathering parts for a fire-breathing big block to shoehorn between the fenders.

67 Valiant


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