As Seen on Craigslist – 1979 Ford Thunderbird

As Seen On TV Logo copy

The seventh-generation Thunderbird is not typically one that enthusiasts remember fondly, but as can often be said in life, you can’t lose with 22s.  The airbags don’t hurt either, as the car actually looks pretty… well, unique anyway all hunkered down and murdered-out over those comically oversized hoops.  And I’m contractually obligated to mention that paragon of late-70s style, t-tops.  Plus, how many cars do you know of with not only an opera window in the b-pillar but another semi-useless piece of glass before the trunk?  Despite my love of oddballs and unloved cars, I wouldn’t buy this one, per se, but I suppose I would drive it if someone gave it to me.  So there’s your ringing endorsement.

79 tbird





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