As Seen on Craigslist – 1970 Oldsmobile 442

As Seen On TV Logo copy

I’m breaking a few of my unwritten rules here – first, I’m posting about a car that is not in my vicinity, and second, I’m more interested in the – ahem – portly fellow in the photos.  He is in every one of the photos, and I have yet to determine the particular social demographic that would be enticed to inquire about an overpriced, rusty, 40-year-old convertible by his presence in the ad.  Far be it from me to comment on anyone’s physique, but his belly is actually quite impressive.  It’s like he’s smuggling a beach ball in there.  I really can’t stop looking at it.  I’m hypnotized by it.  In fact, the longer I stare, the more I start to think that $19k isn’t so bad for this car.  I mean, it’s supposedly a real 442, and it is a convertible.  It wouldn’t take much to fix the holes in the trunk and do some body work, and then my new friend and I could cruise down the sun-soaked Michigan roads while listening to… wait!  That’s the angle!  By distracting me with that mesmerizing solar plexus, I was suddenly much more amenable to buying this hunk of iron oxide.  Wow, really dodged a bullet there.  Look below at your own risk.

70 442


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