As Seen on Craigslist – 1956 Mercedes Benz 220S

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I know relatively little about the value and collectability of 1950s Benzes, but something tells me this particular car has to be near the bottom of that scale.  Maybe it really is as solid as the seller says, but nothing says “great restoration candidate” like a car that literally has moss growing on it, is hub-deep in mud, and has a ratchet strap holding the front clip together.  Maybe German steel is thicker than it looks, and maybe that is just surface rust covering nearly every square inch.  But years (decades?) of sitting in that moist, mossy spot will not have been kind to the greasy side of that car, and I can’t imagine sourcing all the various bits of nearly sixty-year-old trim will be much of a treat either.  But hey, it’s got an Ohio title!

56 Merc 220S


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