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As Seen on Craigslist – 1971 Buick Centurion

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In college, I once borrowed a buddy’s car to drive 25 miles away to look at a clapped-out Centurion convertible, so this car brought back a few good memories – mostly because I wisely decided NOT to buy that car.  At the time, I negated that wise decision when I ended up buying an equally clapped-out convertible that was 15 years newer.  In spite of (or perhaps because of) that experience, I still get the urge for a convertible around this time of year.  This particular Centurion is WAY nicer than the one I looked at those years ago, and is probably not much more expensive.  It might not have the same panache as a Cadillac or Lincoln, but it’s probably 1/3 the price of a similar Caddy.

71 centurion


As Seen on Craigslist – 1975 Buick LeSabre Convertible

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While the Caprice I posted a few weeks back was a boat that represented of some of the worst tendencies of the domestic auto industry, this Buick is something that is sorely lacking from every automaker’s lineup today: the full-size convertible.  Headband-bro aside, it would be a lot of fun to float down the highway in this powder blue creampuff, soaking up every expansion joint and pot hole with ease and stopping every two hours for gas.  For this kind of money, drive it a few summers, keep it clean, and flip it for the same price down the road.  You might have to add a few feet on to your garage though.

75 Lesabre

As Seen on Craigslist – 1986 Buick Regal

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I don’t normally spend much time surfing Craigslist ads for cars younger than me (actually, that’s a lie – I spend way too much time surfing Craigslist for cars of all ages), but the juxtaposition of this car really stood out.  Not many people would consider a nearly thirty-year-old car “modern,” but for me this is still a late-model vehicle.  So imagine my shock when I read that this “newer” car has a 1959-vintage 283 small block between the fenders, coupled to a never-available-in-this-chassis four-speed manual transmission (the shifter for which pokes majestically through the floor and into the blood-red front bench seat, I might add).  The car rides a little high for my tastes – probably a result of the air shocks mentioned by the seller – and the cheesy 80’s headlight covers need to go, but the car otherwise looks pretty spotless and would make a very fun stoplight racer with the stick shift and those 4.10 gears in the rearend.  I’d still rather have a Grand National, but for the money I don’t think you could go wrong here.

86 Regal